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The Great Freon Phaseout -- Is Your Aging A/C Ready?

On January 1st, 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned production of R-22, the ozone-depleting refrigerant your air conditioner uses to cool your home. If your air conditioner is 12 years or more old, this is bad news. Your AC may no longer be serviceable! The great freon phaseout has been coming for a while. You see, air conditioners have been manufactured without R-22 for the last over 11 years.  As of right now, whatever R-22 is left in the USA is all there is.
Does this mean you won’t be able to add or replace the refrigerant in your AC the next time you need a repair? Can’t say for sure. You may be able to hunt down a canister of R-22 floating around in some warehouse. But let's say you do... R-22’s price is soaring through the roof as it becomes more rare! It's a simple case of supply and demand. If you need a repair, call Simmons One Hour right away. ‘Cause when it’s gone… it’s gone for good.

There is another way... Consider replacing your aging AC right now. Besides the Freon Phaseout, here are two more reasons: As you may know, air conditioners today are far more efficient than your aging AC. This means the savings from the improved efficiency alone may pay for a significant amount of a new air conditioner’s monthly payment.** And if long-term savings weren't enough, when you replace your aging system now, you'll get $1,197 bucks off right away!

Plus, Simmons One Hour:
•Offers financing with friendly payment options.*
•Arrives on time and can install your new AC the very next day.
•Engineers the right system for your home.
•Spends 1-2 extra hours testing 'n’ fine-tuning your AC to achieve peak efficiency. Upgrade your AC today and save!

**Energy savings illustrations apply when replacing systems with comparable size equipment.
*W.A.C with approved credit, Cannot be combined with other offers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Derek Cole

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