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Celebrating 70 Years...
Celebrating 70 Years!

When you buy a complete home comfort system between NOW and March 31st you will be entered to WIN ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK! That's right, you heard me, between now and March 31st when you buy a new home comfort system for your home you will be entered into a drawing to get your TOTAL investment given back to you. Cold, Hard, Cash – so don’t wait any longer contact us today! We are celebrating 70 years of success! Here’s to many more years ahead!

Our 70 Year Story

Born in 1953 Simmons Heating, Cooling.Electrical is celebrating its 70th year in business this year! From small beginnings to now servicing customers throughout the sandhills, Simmons has come a long way. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights that have made this company an industry leader.

A Family Business with Professional Standards

From humble beginnings as a family business serving local customers, Simmons quickly grew into a professional organization offering full-scale services to residential and commercial clients. The company expanded its product line over the years to include air conditioning, furnace repair/replacement, indoor air quality solutions, commercial solutions, stand-by generators, and more. Today, we are proud to provide services to homeowners through our Simmons One Hour brand and our commercial and electrical clients through our Simmons brand across North and South Carolina!

Simmons’ Commitment to Quality

Simmons has always been dedicated to providing quality service to its customers. Every technician is trained for their expertise in HVAC or Electrical systems in installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, all technicians are background checked for safety assurance before being hired by Simmons. This ensures that every customer receives the highest level of service possible from knowledgeable professionals who understand today's HVAC and electrical systems. All work comes with a satisfaction guarantee—if you’re not happy with the job performed by a technician then it will be fixed at no additional charge or your money back!

Commitment To Community Involvement & Giving Back

Our team at Simmons believes in giving back to their communities through various initiatives including volunteering for community programs and providing special discounts for veterans or active military families through our Heroes Club. Plus we offer customer referral programs so that everyone can benefit from our services while supporting local businesses – it’s a win-win situation!
We have come a long way since our founding back in 1953 – from servicing local customers out of one location to now reaching homeowners throughout the region with professional standards of quality service.

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Comfort Club Members Get More...
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Every month of 2023, Comfort Club members will be surprised with something special from us. Whether it’s a one of our indoor air quality products like duct sealing or duct cleaning or an upgrade on your equipment selection at replacement, you never know what you might receive! In addition to these surprises, we’ll also enter you for the free system buyback if you do decide to replace your system BEFORE March 31st. And don’t forget — you get all these benefits just for being a part of the Comfort Club family.

Club Members Celebrate Our 70th Anniversary with a Surprise Every Month!

It’s an exciting time here at Simmons One Hour — we’re celebrating our 70th anniversary, and we want to celebrate with you! As part of our anniversary, all Comfort Club members  entered to receive a surprise every month for the entire year

Why Join the Comfort Club?

The Comfort Club is more than just a club. We provide homeowners with access to exclusive benefits and discounts on all our services, including home inspections, installation of new HVAC systems and repairs on existing systems. Plus, being part of the Comfort Club means that you get priority scheduling for any service needs that arise — so if you ever have an emergency repair issue, we’ll be there in no time! And as icing on the cake, this anniversary year gives us even more reason to celebrate by giving our members something special every month.

To make sure that everyone can join in on the festivities, we’re giving all of our members an entry for a surprise every month for the entire year! So what are you waiting for? Become a part of the Comfort Club family today and start enjoying all your exclusive benefits like discounts and priority scheduling. We look forward to celebrating this momentous milestone with you!

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